Unhappy Circuit
Unhappy Circuit is a new media artist in Korea. His work is based on a fusion of art,
science, technology and multidisciplinary perspective that encompasses linguistics,
anthropology, ecology, futurology, and cosmology.
The main theme that penetrates his work is 'exploration of unknown'. He wants to
expand our perception of the universe and humanity by exploring the possibilities of
unknown beings that we do not know yet, and through this, he wants to connect
finite and lonely lives and minds of humanity with the vast universe.
He has participated in various exhibitions hosted by art institutions such as Hyundai
Motor Group's ZER01NE, Asia Culture Center, Arts Council Korea, Taiwan C-LAB
and Ars Electronica .ART Gallery.
1. Astrolinguistics (2020~)
Interstellar message refers to a kind of structured data that aims to reach extraterrestrial intelligence through radio communication technology.
From 2020 to the present, Unhappy Circuit is working on a project to develop a new interstellar message